Wholesale Safe Archery for Educational Programs

Welcome to ArrowSoft Archery, your trusted supplier of archery equipment for schools, summer camps, and youth organizations. We specialize in providing wholesale archery sets, ideal for enhancing physical education curricula and camp activities.

Our Premium Archery Products: Explore our variety of youth archery sets, including Aim Assisted Beginner bows, Normal Youth Bows, and Adult Bows. Each product is crafted for safety, durability, and ease of use, making them perfect for young archers.

Enhancing Educational and Recreational Experiences: Our archery equipment is a valuable addition to any physical education program or summer camp itinerary. It promotes physical wellness, concentration, and teamwork among students and campers.


Competitive Wholesale Pricing: Based on Quantity in USD with Shipping Included 

Product  2-5 5-20 20+
Single Set Youth 140 130 115
Single Set Adult 145 135 120
8 Pack Arrows 50 45 40
6 Pack Arrows with Bow 90 80 70
Target 80 70 65


Benefit from our affordable wholesale prices designed for educational institutions and recreational facilities. Our bulk pricing options offer excellent value, ensuring your program has the best archery gear on a budget.

Contact Us Today: For inquiries or to place a bulk order for your school or camp, reach out to our dedicated team at Sales@ArrowSoftArchery.com

At ArrowSoft Archery, we're committed to fostering the love of archery in young people, providing safe, high-quality, and engaging archery experiences.