Youth Ultimate Dual Target Set

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Introduce your kids to the exciting world of archery with Arrow Soft, the leading youth soft-tipped arrow game. Ideal for all skill levels, this game is designed to be both fun and educational. Our youth set includes a durable foam target, an innovative aim-assisted bow, and four precision soft-tipped arrows, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, this set is great for family activities. Upgrade to our comprehensive adult and youth set for a shared experience, complete with extra targets and arrows, suitable for parents and children alike. These sets feature dynamic pop-out holes for added excitement and scoring challenges. Conveniently portable and durable, Arrow Soft sets are perfect for parties, family gatherings, or casual weekend fun. Order now for a memorable and engaging family archery adventure!

Comes with:

  • Two ArrowSoft Pop Out Targets
  • One Youth Aim Assisted Bow and One Small Adult/Youth Bow (Adults can use all bows as well)
  • 8 ArrowSoft Arrows